Ruth Study- Week 2

Welcome back! I hope you’ve enjoyed slowly tiptoeing into the Book of Ruth. This week lets get right into the text of chapter 1.


Here are questions from the Reading Guide with a few extra additions from my own experiences. If you want a copy of the full Reading Guide, pick one up in our Ministry Center at CVUMC or click through to find print versions.

Week 2 Reading Guide- Ruth 1

I. Turn, Turn, Turn (1:1-22)
A. Turning Away (1:1-5)
B. Turning Back (1:6-22)
1. “Return to your mother’s house” (1:6-14)
2. “Don’t tell me to turn my back on you!” (1:15-18)
3. Turning bitter (1:19-22)

  • Naomi loses husband, 2 sons, and all hope for a family to preserve their estate and their future. Have you ever experienced great losses in a short amount of time? How did you react? Who did you turn to for help or comfort?
  • Reread 1:6-22 knowing the conversation stems from grief and fear. Describe the two daughters’ reactions in your own words.
    • Orpah
    • Ruth
      • Whom do you identify more with? Why?
      • How does God begin to bring redemption and joy to their griefs?



How can you pray for redeeming joy and love in your overwhelming situations? Write your prayers and griefs that you are handing over to God:

  • Personal life
  • Community
  • Family
  • World

Blessings to you all as you study and grow in God’s grace.


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